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Custom & Tax

In order to save your time and money, we will make reasonable tax avoidance treatment to parcels. Customs clearance is included but tax is excluded for air shipping. Both customs clearance and tax are included for sea shipping.

If your parcel is taxed, generally, the express delivery company will notify you at the time of delivery for the tax less than RM 150. You can directly give the tax to the courier. The courier will give you a customs receipt.

How to avoid tax? The following is five recommendations:

1. Parcel weight is an important judgment basis of Customs of all over the world on civil and commercial parcels. There is a relatively large probability for a parcel over 10kg to be deemed a commercial parcel. Therefore, when you submit a waybill, please consider the weight of the parcel.
2. Jom Kotak recommends that each waybill does not exceed 10kg to avoid increasing the tax odds.
3. An excessive number of same goods are also a basis to judge commercial parcels. Please try to avoid using the same parcel to send a large number of same goods.
4. Malaysia region generally takes parcels of more than $100 as the main target for tax inspection.

The above is for reference only.