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How to use Buy For Me?


Find Product

Find Product & Shop at WaaDaigou
  1. You can copy & paste the product URL and click "Search" button. Confirm your product's price, options, domestic shipping fee, quantity and add to shopping cart.
  2. Review your orders in shopping cart, check out and make payment.


Pending Purchase

Pending Purchase by WaaDaigou
  1. Once paid, we will check your orders and perform puchase.
  2. All orders will be deliver to WaaDaigou's warehouse.


Receiving Parcel

Pending Parcel Arrive Warehouse
  1. You will get SMS/Email notification once your parcel is arrived.
  2. We will measure your parcel's weight and size.


Arrange Shipping

Arrange Shipping Method
  1. Choose warehouse and your preferred shipping method.
  2. Select your order to be ship, optional to buy insurance for your parcel (Please declare value).
  3. Select or fill in new delivery address. And click "Calculate" button to get total amount.
  4. Click "Confirm" to submit order.
Make Payment
  1. Go to "Pending Payment" tab or "My Prepay".
  2. Click “Pay” with your available credit. Check out how to top up prepay credit?


Receiving Parcel

Receiving Parcel or Collect Yourself
  1. You will get SMS/Email notification once your parcel is shipped.
  2. Go to "My Parcel", select Parcel and Acknowledge with Review.